Charles Wallis

Charles Wallis is a graduate of the Baylor
University fine art program as well as outside
courses  during high school.  After college he opened
a graphic design studio beginning his career as a
professional artist and taught graphic design courses
at Baylor University in the evenings while in business.

His paintings reflect mastery of his craft and
versatility in a variety of styles and media. He
paints in a traditional realistic style, as well as
impressionistic, abstract.

Artist Statement-

 My art is the expression
of my spirit to the spirit of others that connect with it. 
I seek to create a memory, a wish, a fantasy
or moment of joy or peace inthe soul of the viewer. 
I pursue Ideas, color combinations or images that
attract my attention in the abstract;  or as an
impression; and some paintings are just for the
fun of presenting something in an unusual manner. 
I am drawn to Western Art, Southwest scenes and
wildlife painting as first loves.

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