John Knotts

          Born in Huntsville, Texas in March of 1962. I was always adventurous and curious. I would jump on my bicycle and ride all over town and surrounding areas in my youth, stopping to check on anything visually interesting. I started drawing things that I saw and developed my drawing skills into my teens, taking art classes as electives through all high school years. At that time, I was seriously into scuba diving and attended Florida Institute of Technology in the commercial diving program. With just a touch of claustrophobia: which you can't have in deep water saturation diving. I returned to Huntsville and started taking art classes at Sam Houston state university. I graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts. My time at Sam Houston was very enjoyable and well worth the effort. Art is my life and my way of life. I started making money in mural painting and I still operate Knotts Mural Studio. I painted with well known mural designer Richard Haas on Huntsville Downtown Architectural Mural Project and with Tom Melvin Studios in Chicago III. I painted the Historical Mural for Montgomery County in downtown Conroe, Texas. This mural is on a sky walk over highway 105 East. I designed and painted the lobby mural for seven new Premiere Cinema Theaters from Rio Ranch, New Mexico to Mobile, Alabama including the Premiere Cinema Theater in Bryan/ College Station, Texas.

         Currently I am living on a family ranch in Iola, Texas working on new art. I have devolved a technique and style of painting that is unique to my work. The finished paintings are very textural and the colors are laid down in multiple layers of acrylic paint on hard panel or canvas. The subject or image on top layer allows for all layers to be seen due to texture and a specific brushwork technique. These works must be seen in person to appreciate the full range of  the technique and style I have developed over the years. From the sublime to a bold graphic approach, I believe I have found my language in painting. I am reconnecting with sculptural works and printmaking as I settle into my new home and work space.

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