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 artist: Patricia Pederson

I have never been good at writing my own bio. I am not one to normally go around tooting my own horn. In some cases that could be considered a fault, in my case I prefer to think I am just humble. I don't have some underlying reason for doing what I do, aside from keeping myself sane. I have the urge to create. I am not a 'classically' trained artist, and many an art snob has made sure to try and make me feel somehow inferior for that fact. I didn't study art in an institution of higher learning. I didn't attend college for that matter. And for a long time, I was ashamed of that. It took me almost 40 years to finally become comfortable in my own skin, and as an artist feel comfortable in my ability. I recognize there are far more talented folks out there, and I enjoy the work they do. It inspires me. I also recognize that there are even more people that wish that had just a smidgen of the talent I have. And that is what I have decided to focus on; "what I CAN do, not what I cannot." I decided that on the eve of my 40th birthday to just do it. Go all in. Open myself up for success (or failure), and to pursue what I have always wanted. Which is simply to just be recognized and appreciated in what I can do as artist. I know that my work has no single focus, and that I should try to find that one thing that sets me apart. I am still looking for that. I have found that I am one of those people that is blessed with ability. What I mean is that if I decide to try something, in almost every instance, I can acheive it. There are very few mediums that I have approached as an artist that I could not do. I just haven't decided which I like most. Each thing I do speaks for one of the many facets of my life. And I can only hope that it speaks to you.

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