Sarah Henderson is a Texas artist who has worked privately for the last six years. Since then her work can be found in homes and restaurants around the nation. Her artistic philosophy centers around serendipity and embracing the unexpected. Sarah is inspired by aerial images of earth, space and the cosmos, and things seen under the microscope. She has made her home in Bryan, TX with her cat and two dogs. When she is not painting Sarah enjoys traveling, listening to music on shuffle, and the great outdoors.


Artist Statement:

I am an abstract artist best known for saturated, layered colors. I primarily work in acrylics combined with a variety of special mediums. My favorite colors are bright and glossy, although there is always a place in my pallette for muted tones as well. After experimenting with color over the last six years my style broke open when I began using mediums to create texture and special effects. Adding a medium increases the piece’s surface area, allowing a pigment to grab the edges of different textures. The result is artwork full of movement and depth. When painting I am struck by the constantly changing patterns of our lives, and my style  illustrates how outside of form and figure there is balance and beauty.

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