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This week really was a great week. I managed to get some studio time in and work on another new piece (see picture). I am always thankful for studio time; my little moment of sanity for the week. I am busy, busy making plans for a solo show of my own work for the first weekend of March. Nothing fancy, just me showing off. If you are reading this and are curious then bring yourself to Navasota the first weekend of March for the Texas Birthday Bash. You can come see me and some awesome live music (FOR FREE!!) It should be a great time for all. I am also making plans to celebrate my **ehheemm 40th** birthday next month. Yes, 40th. I have plans to put all my friends and family to work on helping me with tasks around the gallery that I need to complete in order to be fully and officially open to the public. I am tentatively planning an actual full blown show after Easter so stay tuned for that information. For best results, join our email list. I promise not to inundate your inbox with a bunch of senseless crap...

I digress. On again to the wonderful parts...I attended the opening show for a fabulous photographer at the SEAD Gallery in downtown Bryan. Conrad Earnest. His work is really amazing, even more so that he isn't an [admitted] artist or photographer by trade only by love and passion. Which really did make him that more appealing in a way. And it was the 3rd Thursday, which is apparently the Art Step night. So all the art galleries in that downtown area were open later than normal. So I made my way thru several places before landing at the Purple Turtle. Greta Watkins owns the gallery, and if you enjoy whimsy then you must look up her work. I really enjoy it myself anyway. While there, I met several artists, including a Mr. John Pinkerton. He calls himself the Old Art Guy. I thoroughly recommend looking up his website, he has a wonderful collection of artists and writers there. I look forward to seeing where our friendship leads. I hope that we are able to maybe one day work on a project together at my gallery. We'll see, gotta get open first!!

I am excited, nonetheless. So stay tuned! No seriously tell your friends. Tell everyone you know. Share my page. Follow me on facebook, there is a link somewhere on this website. It is happening. ...more to come.

The piece pictured is titled "Nebula in 3" size(s) 12x20, 16x20, 12x20.

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