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Birthdays, Big Dreams, and Blessings

I haven't sat down and typed out anything in about a month. Shame on me. I really have been busy! I have spent every possible extra moment I have in my studio trying to prepare for my show on March 3-5. And I was also preparing and planning my 40th birthday celebration. Yes, I just turned 40. And I didn't dread it either. I always look forward to my birthday. And this year was no exception. I used my milestone to get my friends and family to gather in my gallery and help me get some things done that I needed help with. Painting, constructing, stuff! It was a success. I had such a great time. And I realized how absolutely blessed I am. People showed up and worked, and they did it all for their love of me. And if that doesn't give me a reason to count my blessings, I am not sure what will. That all happened on this past Saturday (18th), and I have been in my gallery day and night since getting ready to be fully open to the public. I have big dreams for my gallery and each and every person that is helping me accomplish that leaves me humbled. Then today, a local artist (local legend) moved into the studio space next to my studio. Navasota's very own Russell Cushman. It's great to have another artist on site, and I am really looking forward to see what the future holds in that regard! I will keep everyone posted.

Things will come together for the gallery, I just have to be patient and remember nothing is built overnight. One day at a time...I will build this one day at a time. Enjoy the few pics I managed to get of the space. I am still working on getting things perfected, and will post more progress in the week to come. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, please share it! And if you are in the Brazos Valley or it's surrounding area, stop by and see me and The Gallery Downtown.


Such an amazing space. happy place. Almost there!

THe whole place was filled with those canvas screens from when the city had their art show. I was glad to have the open space back. 3 drills and 5 men made light work of it.

A showcase wall for bigger favorite wall!

This wall is a project piece for me. I can't wait to show it completed. To give you an idea in size, it's 10 foot tall and 51 feet across.

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