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Dreams are Exhausting

If you ever meet someone and they are following their dreams, know that they are probably exhausted. It's not a complaint on my part, not by any stretch. Often on some days, though, my brain is going so fast that my legs can't keep up. And most of everything right now is hurry up and wait. I have zero patience, so that part is killing me. I am ready to get the classes off the ground, but the lack of water/plumbing holds that portion of the gallery at bay. Oh if only people didn't need to pee. But I digress. Once the bathrooms are finished then everything else will fall into place at its own pace. I have the gallery open, I try to be there during peak times on the weekends, and I am always available for appointment, but I am truly ready to be complete! What's the saying, "God, grant me patience....NOW." That sums it up for me.

I met with our local chamber yesterday. I ensured my spot on a wine walk that is coming up on April 15th. That will be fun. And it will get (hopefully) a few people up to see the gallery. I would love it if I could find new homes for a few pieces I have at the gallery. I am also currently researching and trying to find buyers for an estate lot of art. I love the research! It's like going on a treasure hunt and you have to follow the clues to find the treasure. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it doesn't. Right now I am in the hurry up and wait part. I have sent 'feelers' out on pieces I think may be of value seeking out information from people that specialize in the particular style/genre. (Anyone with knowledge about Japanese art, please feel free to contact me!) Most things like that move at a snail's pace. And so I wait. And so as I wait I plan other things. Things like gallery shows. I will provide more details as I get them; but a show is planned for October, tentatively. And of course I have already started working on the show for next year's Texas Birthday Bash.

Busy Busy.

And the little one just woke up crying. Time to 'start' my day....

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