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Progress is apparently messy...

My beautiful gallery with its vast beautiful space is currently not so beautiful. Well, beautiful to me, because I know the what the end product will be. I have imagined its evolution and phenomenal finish. It's progress is one that should be fun to follow. I am excited to have it all complete, but I am also so very excited to create its beauty. Soon there will be walls to paint and art to hang, and I am giddy at that idea. And I can't wait to share that with you. But until that happens I feel that I need to share it's progress so that you may appreciate what is to come. The first picture is from several months ago when I had the first opening. The photos following are the progress of the building of 2 restrooms and a kitchen. We chose cinder block to continue with the same theme as the back wall and to also continue with our "fire proof" construction. I've already sent out invitations and info about our upcoming classes and at this point can only pray that all the work is complete in time! With much love, Pattie .....The Gallery Downtown

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