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blessed are the elephant eating workaholics

I mean it, this time I mean it. I absolutely will update this blog. I will update this blog...I will update this blog...It's just so damn hard to sit down and compose my thoughts in a manner that one would understand. I have one of those brains that has 500 tabs open at once and 300 background apps running while doing everything else too. It's why I need an assistant. Who, by the way, is on vacation for 2 weeks and has left me to fend for myself. God help us all. She really does help me maintain sanity in this chaotic life I have created for myself. So I sit here at my desk, with my sidekick, Luke; he on his ipad and I on my computer, and I share with you the things on my mind. I will try to share them in a consequential (is that the right word?)order so that it will make sense...

So much going on at the gallery. Construction halted at the threat of hurricane Harvey. So, there are things still not completed, that I walk around and cuss under my breath about, it's not always under my breath. But alas, this too shall pass. I make due, knowing that it's only temporary and that I have come so far in the pursuit of this wild and crazy dream of mine. So I just remind myself of how blessed I am, take and deep breath, and continue to move forward.

I have a crazy list of projects that I want to complete. And in full Pattie Fashion I want to complete them ALL. AT. ONCE. So, I have to keep reminding myself what someone recently told me, "you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time." And it is some of the wisest and truest things anyone has ever told me about taking on a project as large as I have. So, I bite at a time. Sometimes I chew fast, sometimes slow, and sometimes I have to stop eating for a moment to digest it all. It's a lot to digest. I just want it all complete so that when people come to the gallery they see the vision I have, in it's entirety. I know that's not possible, but it drives me to work harder, and longer, and to no end. I am an admitted workaholic, but what I do isn't really work to me, it's passion and dreams and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. But as a mom and wife I know that I must balance my time, and I am doing that to the best of my ability. My husband and I are raising 2 boys that will know what it is like to follow your dreams and how much sacrifice is involved if you really want it. I hope that one day they can look back and be proud of this time and all that we are doing in the name of dreams.

So, I have been blessed. I am surrounding myself with amazing artists and other like minded people that believe in me and my dream. And the fact that you are reading this means that you care, if only to see how far I can take it. You at least care to read this, so that's a step. Now, I would like you to take that a step further, Share it. Share it with everyone. Help me reach every corner of the world. Help me build this wonderful thing I am trying to build. And accept my invitations (if you live nearby). Show up to my events. Even if you can't buy something, show up. Enjoy it, and then tell others. Not everyone that walks in the door will be able to financially afford to support the endeavors of the gallery and the artists I represent, and we know that. But having you walk in the door says so very much to us. It says you care, it says you want success for us. It says, hey I like a party, and I like people, and I like art, and I like helping out by showing up and telling others. That support goes a long way.

Eating elephants takes help. Come help take a bite of my elephant. It feeds the soul. Elephants can feed your soul.

Thanks for reading...


owner, The Gallery Downtown


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