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passion, pottery, pushing forward, and planning for "now what?"

Well, will you looky there?...I did it. I am typing out a blog, and it hasn't been months since the last. It's only been a week. And I thought I could write this blog every Friday. And here we are, the second Friday in a row. (pat on back)...aren't you proud? LOL

I think I struggle with this whole blog concept because of 1, who cares what I have to say, right? and 2, I, as a person, have 2 conversation modes. I either say too much or nothing at all. And in order to write, I must find some happy medium of those choices. For all of us, I am trying to find that happy medium.

Today is Friday, in exactly one week we will be opening the Doug Peck exhibition. I am beyond excited. I have been enamored with Doug and his work since I first met him several years ago. As an artist he is the most skilled and dedicated potter I think I have ever known. His passion is just unmatched. And he is just so humble about it. His passion spills over into everything he does. I absolutely admire his work ethic. And he also teaches art, and I can only imagine how fortunate his students are to have such an amazing artist at the helm of their art education. So...I am so excited to bring him to the gallery and highlight him and his work, and share with all of you this artist that is just a hidden little jewel that has been hiding out in the Brazos Valley.

And THAT is why I love being a gallery owner. THAT. Sharing that passion with the unassuming public. Bringing art into their lives, into their homes, into their hearts and souls. I love meeting with artists and seeing their work and seeing their passion for what they do. I am blessed to be able to do that. And there are more coming. I have shows lined up and in the works all the way to NEXT Christmas. What I do is crazy busy and extremely stressful at times, but GOD I LOVE IT. I have been open (officially) 8 weeks today, and I have to remind myself that of what I have accomplished thus far in such a little amount of time. The over-achiever in me feels as though I should be doing so much more. I am trying to realize that I am doing just fine at this pace. I feel as though I just can't stop until I have reached the top and it should have happened...YESTERDAY. ***deep breath*** but the world doesn't work that way, and I am doing the best I can with what I have, and tomorrow is another day.

So, I keep pushing forward, and pushing boundaries. Knowing that one day I will be at a point that I can say, "look, I did it. I made it to where I wanted to be." And then at that point, I will look around and say, "now what?"...LOL...and knowing me, I already have that planned and scheduled too.

So, bring on tomorrow. Conquer the day. Create the life you dream of, and don't stop until you get to exactly where you want to be. And in the interim, find art that feeds your soul, surround yourself in beauty. Find things that make you think, and moments that take your breath. For there are no promises of tomorrow, only dreams. LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

Thank you for supporting my dreams.

Thank you for helping me to support LIVING ARTISTS follow their dreams.

See you next Friday!!!!

(oh and we have tons of new pieces in the gallery until October or in person, be sure to check it out.

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