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So much for making time to blog...

I did seriously try to sit down to write last week. Preparation for the Doug Peck open took precedent. Over everything. I flipped the entire gallery in less than 4 days, and for the most part by myself. And the results were spectacular. I really did outdo myself. Doug's work fills the main gallery space as though it was a match made in heaven. The pictures truly don't do it justice. You must come in person and take a slow stroll through the gallery, stopping at each perfectly placed seat to sit and ponder the beauty. Don't just take my word for it, come experience it. 

The reception was, in my opinion, a successful open. And time will tell over the next few weeks how financially successful it will prove to be. I have confidence in the artwork and feel that it really does seek to be owned. Such beautiful work. And in every price range, so don't be afraid of the infamous "gallery" pricing. I strive to have a wide range of prices and products that will appeal to all those who seek us out. We are currently working on getting those pieces on our website.

My assistant, Jordan, is finally back! Thank goodness. And just in time for my youngest son to to be sick and demand me to be home with him. I'm currently battling his  whining in my lap for cuddles and snuggles. So, I'm finishing this blog quickly, for now. There are several other things I want to touch on and have it in the plans for tomorrow. So this blog may be a week late... but tomorrow's will be on time! 

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