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(with a hold over until March 11th)

March 2nd - 4th 2018

 The first weekend in March we celebrate Texas Independence! And here at The Gallery Downtown we celebrate it BIG! Coinciding our show with the City of Navasota's Annual Texas Birthday Bash, we invite you to come and enjoy Texas as it should be celebrated. This is our first annual Lone Star Show, a 3-day show dedicated to celebrating Texas! We have asked artists across the Brazos Valley to participate in showcasing their interpretation of the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS! This is your chance to take a piece of Texas Home!

The Lone Star Show

Artists Showcased

Amy had always had a passion for Art. She studied and  practiced Art her entire career. Graduating  from Texas A&M in '97 with a Journalism  degree, she took Art classes, design classes and  graphics to educate and broaden her education  in color, shape, principles and history of Art.  Amy started out in graphic design and then taught Art at an elementary school for 5 years.  She now uses her passion to help her in home  remodeling, muraling and creating custom  pieces and she loves every minute of it.

Amy Thompson

As a nature/landscape photographer and a native Texan, I was excited to be invited to participate in Pattie Pederson's art show - "Texas".  My favorite photographs are always the ones that reflect the personality and flavor of the diverse landscapes and long history of Texas.  Most of the photos I've included in this show were taken in either Grimes or Bastrop County.  I like discovering things of interest that are there, right in my own "backyard".

Paul Licce

Stay tuned for an artist bio!

Patsy Supak

Hailey E. Herrera is a watermedia artist, working in watercolor, watercolor batik, ink, and acrylic. Growing up in South Korea, she has painted on and off since she was seven. She moved to the united states in 1996 for graduate studies and recived her PhD at Texas A&M University, College Station, in 2004. She worked as a research scientist and lecturer for a short period before taking community art classes and then painting watercolor in earnest. She has developed a palette that is vibrant, bright, and rich with incredible depth and wonderful ranges

Hailey Herrera

Drawing, painting, sculpting and appreciating art have been part of my life as far back as I can remember.  I loved spending weekends in my father's studio watching him drawing cartoons and painting portraits.  He encouraged me to major in art at his alma mater, Ohio State University. 

Coleen Bradfield

I have always been happiest when surrounded by the beauty of the natural landscape. I find inspiration for my paintings in the fields around my home as well as the gulf coast bays and marshes of the Rockport/Fulton area. It is always exciting to set up an easel outdoors and immerse myself in the scene, but if I cannot paint on site I take photos to use as reference material back in the studio. I look for subjects where the light creates an emotional impact. I feel I have accomplished my goal for the painting if I am able to capture that mood on paper.

Sherry Killingsworth

Currently I am living on a family ranch in Iola, Texas working on new art. I have devolved a technique and style of painting that is unique to my work. The finished paintings are very textural and the colors are laid down in multiple layers of acrylic paint on hard panel or canvas. The subject or image on top layer allows for all layers to be seen due to texture and a specific brushwork technique. These works must be seen in person to appreciate the full range of  the technique and style I have developed over the years. From the sublime to a bold graphic approach, I believe I have found my language in painting. I am reconnecting with sculptural works and printmaking as I settle into my new home and work space.

John Knotts

 For me painting is about going somewhere, traveling. And then as you are on your journey you are looking out,  and something catches your eye. Maybe you take a photograph of it  or a feeling about it that just sticks with you.  And since I’m not very good at expressing that moment with words, I try to paint it. That’s when the negotiation starts between me, the paints and the canvas. There is a lot of give and take during that sometimes painful and at times quite pleasant process. A lot of problem solving is involved. Sometimes we come to an agreement and sometimes we don’t but the ultimate outcome is a painting. My wife says the paintings are like a scrapbook of our travels and I think that’s as good a description as any. It is an attempt at trying to capture the experience of a place on canvas. What I hope is that others will see in these paintings the idea that there is a big amazing beautiful world out there and want to go explore it for themselves...

Brad Powell

With a painting style that is almost as unique as the artist, Anguspaul brings his use of vibrant colors and nontraditional landscape to wow and shock the viewer. Always working on perfecting his techniques and honing his skills, he is prolific in his ability to create.


I know that my work has no single focus, and that I should try to find that one thing that sets me apart. I am still looking for that. I have found that I am one of those people that is blessed with ability. What I mean is that if I decide to try something, in almost every instance, I can acheive it. There are very few mediums that I have approached as an artist that I could not do. I just haven't decided which I like most. Each thing I do speaks for one of the many facets of my life. And I can only hope that it speaks to you.

Patricia Pederson

Russell Cushman is an artist, historian and community leader who has established a massive legacy in American art.  A graduate of Sam Houston State University, Russell has worked over thirty years as a free lance artist, book illustrator and wildlife and history muralist.  He has traveled and painted on location throughout the American West, the Caribbean, and New Zealand.  On these pages you will see a rare diversity of subjects, including cowboys, wildlife, nautical, portraits, seascapes and landscapes. Still, Russell's favorite subjects are those relating to his Texas heritage...

Russell Cushman

My brother refers to me as a late-bloomer because I didn't discover my artistic abilities until I was 65 years old. I have always been an avid recycler...and a bit those traits combined to form Whimsy Assemblage Art. I love looking for unique items that have a history to them. Wondering what (or, who) has caused the dents or worn paint on an item is the attraction; then using that item in a way totally different than its intended purpose is the fun, or whimsical, part. My pieces are cleaned, drilled, and screwed hot-glue here!


As a 9th generation Texan, Clare usually portrays her  native Texas through her work, though scenes from her travels  also appear at times. She claims Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh as her primary teachers as she studied their sense of light and atmosphere, techniques, composition, and color pallets.

 Clare Aaron

 My art is the expression of my spirit to the spirit of others that connect with it. I seek to create a memory, a wish, a fantasy or moment of joy or peace in the soul of the viewer. I pursue Ideas, color combinations or images that attract my attention in the abstract;  or as an impression; and some paintings are just for the fun of presenting something in an unusual manner. I am drawn to Western Art, Southwest scenes and wildlife painting as first loves.

Charles Wallis

She grew up inside the city limits of Navasota, Texas and her heart will always remain there somewhere along Nolan Street. She began to find a way to use her pain and began working with those in grief to create memorial artwork, portraits, murals, landscapes and realistic artwork. Nikki now strives to use her God-given talent to create unique pieces that show the world through her unique pair of eyes . Her priority is not just what you see in her artwork, but rather what you feel from it.

Nikki Keith Sullivan

I have always been fascinated with taxidermy, especially pieces from the Victorian Era. During this time animals were posed and dressed to mimic humans, known as anthropomorphic. I have taken this technique and allied it to specimens now days. If you have any ideas or would like a custom piece please feel free to contact me. I can also so European and antler mounts for those trophy animals!

Sierra Guidry

From Plantersville, Texas, David Woods is truly a local cultural treasure and one of the most widely recognized and beloved artists in the Brazos Valley.

       He has painted his youthful memories of growing up in the cotton fields of Grimes County for thirty years and his works have been featured on television news segments on KBTX and Ray Miller's They Eyes of Texas. He has also been regular attraction for decades at the annual Navasota Bluesfest. His work can be found in many homes locally and in collections all over the state.

David Woods

An outstanding talent in pottery, Doug Peck loves to just sit at the wheel and get his hands dirty when he's not busy teaching classes. Each one of his amazing pieces is handmade at his own home and fired in a kiln in his backyard. Each peice is coated by a glaze he made himself, and each on is a piece of the artists pride and joy.

Doug Peck

. After time, and finding life at a desk job to be lacking, Chase thought back to his Childhood adventures and the words of Davy Crockett, "... You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas." Soon after, he quit his job, packed up, and headed south. He purchased a home in Navasota, Tx where he would quickly meet his wife, and begin creating artworks that express his boyhood sentiment for adventure and the great unknown.

Chase Perryman

Seeing beauty in the aged patinas of ancient objects, Modern Artifacts looks to juxtapose those unique textures with a modern aesthetic.  I draw inspiration from my experience working on an archaeology dig in Houston's Historic Freedmen's Town. Whether using patina, a sandblaster, or 23K gold leaf, contrasting finishes define my work and give it the graphic quality which lends it its identity.

Artist bio coming soon!

   Glen Vigas

Stay Tuned for Many Other Talented Artists!

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